TILT Gallery Show

Melanie and Michelle Craven, and their staff at TILT Gallery in Scottsdale offered the artists of shootapalooza a unique opportunity to present their interpretations of the theme, NATURE.  Art Director, Mariana Bartolomeo, wrote the call:

THEME: What is Nature? – the essential character of our physical universe –
What are the qualities inherent in living or non-living objects on land, in the sky, and waters that allow an artist to see and sense more clearly a deeper meaning of the subject within it? What is nature if not a means of greater awareness through our five senses and our responses to them? This theme is not so much about the content of an experience of what, when and where, but of the quality of the experience that carries a deeper perception. What is it about the mountains or rivers that enliven our spirit? How is it that exposure to weather, closely observed, elicits a sixth sense, a primordial relationship or unexpected memories? Your submissions need not be brand new work.

On Thursday, February 23rd, Artistic Director, Mariana Bartolomeo, will also present a brief introduction about Shootapalooza and our group Photo-grid collaboration, “What is Nature?” We also hope to produce a video Live-Feed on Facebook to document the occasion.

Tilt Gallery – Melanie Craven, Director/Co-founder & Ellee Bokharachi, Associate Director/Art Critic.

MARIANA BARTOLOMEO: is Art Director, Shootapalooza AZ 2017. She is sole proprietress of Virtu Studio LLC of Montana and Thunderhead Press of Nevada. Mariana specializes in historical photographic processes, narrative documentary, book arts and printmaking. She exhibits her work internationally and is represented by Gallery Karl Oskar of Kansas City, Missouri, and PrimoPiano Gallery of Lecce, Italy.

SHARI ROHDE TRENNERT: is Tucson, Arizona native, now living in Mesa, AZ. She works in Alternative Process Photography, Graphic and Theatre Arts. Shari exhibits her work nationally including: C4FAP – Fort Collins, CO; A. Smith Gallery – Johnson City, TX; Art Intersection – Gilbert, AZ.

VICKY STROMEE: is a fine art nature photographer of subjects in their innate environment with natural light. She utilizes digital capture an Adobe Lightroom and her artistic focus emphasizes color, texture, pattern and fluidity. Vicky’s series “Dreams of Flight” was selected by the American Society of Media Photographers for Best of 2015. She is represented by Cynthia Byrnes Contemporary Art NY.

MELANIE WALKER: is a professor of Art at University Colorado, Boulder. She is a 3rd generation photographer working in historical processes. Melanie creates immersive photographic environments and photographic sculptural/fabric works. Her work is housed in over 30 national collections.

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