The Cadillac Ranch Caper

For its summer caper of 2016, the artists of shootapalooza decided to wheat-past the famous Cadillac Ranch, just outside Amarillo, Texas. First “planted” in the West Texas soil in 1974, it has since become an ongoing play land for would-be artists and their cans of spray paint. But never before has it been wheat-pasted with photographs. On Saturday night, June 18, under the watchful eye of the almost summer solstice moon, seventeen of us (and one dog) are going to plaster the ten reclining Cadillacs with art produced by many of our shootapalooza compadres. We expect that by noon the next day, all the work will be concealed and encapsulated by the incoming tempest of warriors and their cans of spray paint.

This gallery contains the images that we will be pasting Saturday night.

shootapalooza is a murmuration of artists.
It has shape without structure.
It moves and flows in all directions simultaneously.
We are a rolling rambunction,
a collective of art-making people.
It’s a women’s organization,
but we do have a few really great men.

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